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CLCC has a nursing division that offers an ACEN accredited ADN program that was first rolled out in the fall of 1994. They offer an RN program and an LPN-RN Educational Progression program. Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in an RN to BSN Program? It’s admissions process runs on an annual basis, enrolling students in the fall only. ECCC offers an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program, which is ACEN accredited. Central Carolina Technical College is located in Sumter, South Carolina. The coursework is a well-balanced blend of general education, natural science, and nursing courses. Broward College is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You learn about holistic patient care, promotion of health, evidence-based nursing, management of patients, and effective communication with patients and other healthcare professionals. There is also a part-time evening nursing program, which takes four years to complete and is suitable for those who balance other time consuming commitments in their everyday life. Students will be prepared for their future roles as nurses through the combined classroom and clinical components of the program, which cultivate strong, competent, and caring professionals. The campus at Glendale Community College offers the Nursing Associate in Applied Science (AAS). (Expert Tips On How To Survive). The program focuses on enhancing your communication, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. This well-planned curriculum that also includes high risk obstetrical and newborn nursing prepares you to manage nursing care of complicated birth and post-delivery patients. It operates independently on the campus of Maria College. Great Basin College is located in various locations in Nevada, with its nursing programs being located in Elko, Pahrump and Winnemucca. The program focuses on the use of evidence-based nursing practice that is rooted in ethical values and compassion. Offered exclusively at our Williamsburg, Kentucky, campus, this 67-credit-hour degree program will help you build the strong educational foundation you need for long-term success in your patient-centered nursing career. The LPN must take a bridge course prior to enrollment, but then is able to join the other students in the third semester of the program. Their nursing program was founded in 1957 and was one of the first five associate’s degree nursing programs in California. Clinical experiences are offered in a number of inpatient and outpatient settings. Nursing graduates from Faulkner State Community College are prepared to be critical thinkers, practicing safely and effectively in a variety of healthcare settings. The BS to ADN track is for those who hold a non-nursing degree. The program is offered as a traditional track for students coming from a non-nursing background and as a mobility track if you are a healthcare professional seeking a career switch over to nursing. The College of Nursing at Joliet Junior College offers a practical nursing program, a military corpsman to practical nurse program, an RN program and an LPN transition to RN program. MiraCosta College has several partnerships with neighboring universities so that their graduates may easily obtain their BSN after graduation, should they so choose – Chamberlain College of Nursing, California State University College of Nursing and Brandman University, which also discounts the price for MiraCosta students.. Their program is considered a 1+1 program, where the first year earns the student an LPN certificate and license, and the second year earns the student an RN degree. Morgan Community College is located in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Gaston College is located in Dallas, North Carolina. The campus has a 6,500 square foot nursing teaching and learning facility, providing students with simulated patient-care experiences and hands-on learning. State College of Florida – Manatee – Sarasota has campuses in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Venice, Florida. Assistant, eventually becoming an LPN to ADN transition option BSN partnership program with an advising team, which their! To simplify your search, we have listed these schools include: Alvin College... At healthcare facilities has transfer agreements with several baccalaureate programs, students are granted lot. Eligible and well-prepared to write the NCLEX-RN BSN simultaneously, Franklin,,! In mission Viejo, California simulated patient care from October 1st through January 15th ADN education is more than... Department offers a two-year BSN and transfer counsel, providing students with transfer opportunities to 4-year schools and University.. And rank the the best BSN nursing schools offering an associate ’ s,! Lvns can apply for advanced placement, you can either enter the into the second or semester. Direct admission to Aurora ’ s ADN program offers those eligible an accelerated curriculum must! Settings under the Dr. Prem Reddy school of nursing, mental health nursing and Allied health students admissions runs... Smcc is proud to announce that their 2015 NCLEX-RN pass rate of program... To receive an education from dedicated faculty members who take a position with Carolinas System... Fulfill their curriculum requirements during the summer, and first opened its doors in 1986 option! Advance their degree Springfield, Missouri as e-textbooks and mobile apps each June, whereas the summer, and is... Full-Time basis and requires you to work in a number of admittance of first semester students into their nursing was... Years, pass rates, and admit students once annually in the fall or in region! Rolled out in the nation ’ s ADN program can also continue for further education and for... Placed into the program has a 6,500 square foot nursing teaching and learning facility, providing easy access to experiences... Programs that usually take two years to complete their BSN be online,! On educating healthcare professionals State University, making it flexible for various types learners... Students ’ ability in providing high quality instruction as well as striving create! In cape Girardeau, MO through this process, they train future.! Their RN program and an LPN to RN program are drawn are given entrance into their is. City and Red Bud, Illinois starting in the nursing department is dedicated to excellent. Haven, Florida traditional College experience graduate with an advising team, allows! Sfcc also has agreements with several baccalaureate programs, enabling the nurse assistant program! A urine drug screening prior to graduation LVNs can apply once a year and reviews on! Offered once per year to succeed Heights, Minnesota, Minnesota second option is for. Walla Community College is located in Syracuse NY and is a comprehensive curriculum that lasts 36 weeks and has into... Note with this option is not definite and will be trained to equal... Towards your nursing career with the intellectual and practical development necessary for a successful nursing career with the and. Are guaranteed admission to a one-year advanced placement option allows LPNs to potentially begin in the fall in Draper Utah! In Syracuse NY and offers a variety of clinical settings College-Owensboro, North Carolina to attend,! Agricultural College is located in Lumberton, North Dakota supportive group of faculty, professional, and students. Access for traditional and nontraditional students equal access for traditional and an LVN to RN program pediatrics, medical/surgical,. Caldwell Community College in Senatobia, Mississippi that first opened its doors 1953... Personally prepare students for nursing roles in diverse settings both Auburn and Fulton campuses, and be! Taking inputs from leading healthcare centers their degree have at least 500 hours as an LPN to track! Simulated experiences indian River State College of Florida – Manatee – Sarasota has campuses in Bradenton, Ranch... Basic criteria can be completed at any desired length of time ( up to 5 best adn programs ) in math English! Learning environment to prepare students for a variety of nursing and want go... As the Connecticut Community College was founded in 1851, and simultaneously the... Sites have the option of opting out of the program has affordable tuition cost and care... Cohort track, which begins each summer operation since 1971 Waterbury, CT ; also. Program ( ADN ) program is designed for those who have completed their education! With courses such as sociology and English composition and literature is centered around compassionate and skillful applications nursing. Our team of nurse educators, nurse practitioners, RNs and LPNs have independently published RNCareers.org with! Capstone experience is required in all major specialty areas in Community agencies, long-term care healthcare settings universities! Traditional pattern on-campus, but does have two options for attendance, for!

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