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Whether you are new to the world of earth-friendly toilets, or a veteran of living off-grid, we invite you to visit our shop. It can stand any extreme weather and any bad conditions. Composting toilets have made big inroads with recreational and outdoor-minded consumers. And probably asked most frequent of all, how do they actually work? Compost toilet paper and waste quickly without leaving any odor. There are other alternative slow composting toilets. What is a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet? Aerobic bacteria use oxygen to break down waste efficiently and odor-free. To know more about composting toilets, it is important to know how does a composting toilet work. Thanks for watching! This is a sales pitch used by a competitor to promote their toilet. All with little or no outside water, and no environmental impact. We will be installing an in-line fuse. However, due to constant negative pressure inside the unit, a Sun-Mar composting toilet never smells. Society's current concept of eliminating human waste may not always be sustainable. A composting toilet is a toilet that treats human excrement by allowing microbes to break down the organic matter into compost. By using this crank handle, you can easily mix your solid waste with the composting material. All Rights Reserved. All you have to do to empty the Nature’s Head toilet is turn two knobs at the base to remove the toilet from it’s mount (if you mounted your toilet). When seated on the toilet (male or female) the liquids naturally are aimed towards the front collection area and … How Does Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Work? They use time-tested methods to convert human waste into an odor-free byproduct that is safe and easy to dispose of. Think of a composting toilet as your own self-contained waste treatment plant, but one that is easy to use and economical. Its full-size seat is elongated, making it comfortable to use. You will want to empty the urine bin more often because of this. This happens under controlled aerobic conditions and usually in some sort of medium like peat moss or coco coir. We just wish there had been more complete information about how to use coconut coir as the compost medium (saying to add water “until moist but not wet” just wasn’t specific enough for us) and what to do if we did get flies. Composting Toilets by Composting Toilets USA, Nature’s Head Specifications and Dimensions, How Our $33,000 Tiny House Changed Our Lives, Top 10 things to know before buying a composting toilet. Natures head composting toilet comes with the superior build quality. They have minimal utility bills. By simply separating liquid and solid waste, a composting toilet can last months before emptying is required. A good composting toilet controls moisture and distributes it evenly throughout the waste material. A composting toilet is an all-natural, eco friendly solution that produces inert, natural-smelling composted waste that’s safe to dispose of on a compost heap. Some people love them and some people hate them. This Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet is super easy to install and comes with all the necessary vent connections to get started with your new eco-friendly toilet installation right away. This is a self-contained composting toilet, with the waste falling directly below the seat, being held in two tidy containers (a water tank and a composting container for solid waste). Microbes produce heat while they work, and composting toilets have systems to maintain the proper temperatures. False. The bowl section on the Nature’s Head only needs to be angled to about 100mm to enable the pee bottle to be removed, so there’s no need to look inside. Please watch the video below for details on how to operate the Nature's Head composting toilet, then give us a call at 636-541-5860 for the best composting toilet solution for your RV, cabin, or tiny home. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle: The spider-head model is built closer into the body of the toilet itself. When the trap door is open, a person is sitting, and the urine will still divert to the front. However, as these rely on natural decomposition, … The Nature’s Head composting toilet works by diverting liquids into a plastic jug in the front and has a separate compartment in the back of the toilet for the composting medium and waste. Jonathan unscrews the bolts holding down the toilet and takes it all outside. If you’re reading this you may be an RV enthusiast, a tiny home devotee, or just looking to reduce your impact on the earth. Nature’s Head recommends at least 1.5 inches clearance in the back of the toilet to allow for the seat unit to tilt back and remove the liquids container. So this isn’t a post to the effect that we regret it. While it w… It has a built-in 12V fan that constantly runs air into the waste tank and keeps dry. The composting toilet is not a new concept for houses but it’s only recently that two compact versions (Natures Head and Air Head, both made in North America) have become available Down Under for the RV and boating market. Nature’s Head separates the liquid waste and solid waste into two different chambers. You can check out the composting toilet here!There are so many great questions in the comments! To use a bidet with a Natures Head composting toilet, close off the solids bin as you don’t want to add the extra moisture to the solids bin. My tiny house is outfitted with a Nature’s Head composting toilet. NOTE: We love the composting toilet and would never go back to a traditional marine head. Next, you open the top half of the toilet and slide it off of it’s hinge and set it aside. Liquid waste automatically drains into the correct chamber when the latch is closed. Your head is actually well above the top of the toilet as you remove the bottle, preventing you from seeing in. How To Get The Final Result? If you would like us to send you a brochure, just send us an email or call us with your mailing address. Ensure the safety of the final product. The Nature's Head toilet, another self-contained unit that tops most reviewers' lists, does have a side handle for rotating the drum, but this handle is designed to occupy as little space as possible, and you can mount it on either side of the unit. To demonstrate this concept further, we are going to take a look at one of the best compost toilets in the market and see how it works. Set the top of the toilet aside to clean later. These components create the environment that let's beneficial bacteria and fungi do their miracle work. It has a built-in fan that connects to your existing electrical system, which helps the solid waste break down faster and vents odors to the outside. Then all the waste moves into a chamber for break down process and drying. For many, composting toilets can be the perfect solution for providing a bathroom in a remote area. Composting toilets are gaining in popularity due to their environmentally friendly nature. The toilet has a gate or door that when closed directs the liquid waste into the front tank. They are also growing in use in indoor environments, such as homes and office buildings. Generally, the compost toilet comes with a chamber that helps to separate and decompose the waste. Your email address will not be published. You may be an avid gardener, and already use the techniques that make composting toilets work. Also called a dry toilet, the Nature’s Head is lightweight, odorless and compact making it a perfect fit for your home, cabin, tiny house, RV, workshop, boat and survival application. Well, the Natures Head composting toilet comes with a ventilation hose that runs to the outside of your vehicle or toilet shed, and it also has a 12volt power hook-up that is connected to the type of fan that you might find in a desktop computer. We've only scratched the surface of the mechanics, and benefits, of composting toilets. A good composting toilet controls moisture and distributes it evenly throughout the waste material. Your garden plants will love it! The top of the toilet comes off via two clips on the side and slide of a pin in the back. We are located in St. Peters, Missouri, about 30 miles from St. Louis. At Nature's Earthly Way, we specialize in the best toilet on the market today - … Then, unlatch the two clips on the side to open the waste chamber. Evaporate the unwanted liquid in the waste. The major way a composting toilet works is that it has a toilet section where you sit better and empty your bowel. Proven to be odor free. The addition of fecal matter into the urine will create an unpleasant smell. When the door is … To stop by and see our composting toilets in action, please call and make an appointment. Custom web design by Griffin Web Design & Marketing. . Number 1’s goes into a container at the front of the unit and the number 2’s goes into a chamber at the back. Custom web design by Griffin Web Design & Marketing. My Tiny House Composting Toilet. Material and Design Made of stainless hardware, this toilet was initially designed for use in the harsh marine environment and is extremely durable and sturdy. Liquid Waste. How does the Nature’s Head separate the liquids and the solids? The nature's head model with modifications. I ended up choosing the Nature’s Head because it’s: 1). Enter the composting toilet. I read the Humanure Handbook by Joseph C. Jenkins and watched dozens of online videos reviewing different composting options. At Nature's Earthly Way, we specialize in the best toilet on the market today - Nature's Head. Here we have another composting toilet from Nature’s Head. To processing human solid waste, this composting toilet for RV has a standard crank handle. While we say it in our advertising over and over again, this is hard to get your head around unless you are physically standing in the room with a Sun-Mar toilet. So how does the fan work then? The toilet has a gate or door that when closed directs the liquid waste into the front tank. A dry process composting toilet from Nature’s Head. Knowing how it works will help you to understand not only why a composting toilet is excellent for helping out the environment, but also to see if this type of toilet … How Does The Natures Head Marine Toilet Separate Liquids From Solids? The correct temperature range destroys seeds and helps compost form quickly. Some may have electric pumps but many use no outside power. Self-contained, 2). How Does a Composting Toilet Work? Composting toilets use the same three elements that all gardeners need for an effective compost bin—moisture, heat, and oxygen. It is easy to clean, too. Vast amounts of water carrying treated waste to rivers and oceans is an expensive system, which can sometimes have unintended consequences in our environment. Composting toilets handle human waste by composting and dehydrating it on-site. Compact, and 3). Organisms that break down waste need water to survive, but only at a certain level of moisture. The Nature’s Earthly Way Solution. We've only scratched the surface of the mechanics, and benefits, of composting toilets. Types of Composting Toilets. Composting Toilets – A Viable Solution To Remote Bathrooms. We are raised with the idea that toilets smell bad. Once it’s outside, remove the urine bucket and set it aside. A look at composting toilets. How does a composting toilet work? Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle: The standard crank handle sticks out further compared to the spider handle, which is something to consider when you have limited space. When the door is open the solids pass through to the lower main tank. The toilet is self-contained, urine diverting and the waterless operation allows for ease of use for many applications. When the trap door is closed, the urine from anywhere in the bowl will flow to the bottle. This model has a standard crank handle as opposed to the 3-prong spider handle for turning the waste. They also recommend at least 2 inches to the left (when facing the toilet) to allow the seat unit to slide off the hinge in … The composting toilets are basically of two types, self-contained units where the composting unit in which the process of composting the waste will take place is part of the toilet and remote system toilets where the composting unit is set away from the toilet.. With Nature’s Head you can determine immediately if it is running or not…with the Air Head, the fan is located at the end of the hose where you vent to the outside…can be difficult to know if it is running. The Nature’s Head pee bottle is also larger = … Copyright © 2016 Nature’s Earthly Way. Composting toilets vary in how they bring oxygen into the system, but all use this element just like your garden's compost pile.

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