29 dic glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4

Neither SIG nor Glock makes a grip that works as well as the 1911 in my hands. The new part carries the Part no. The GLOCK Experience Partner Program offers the opportunity to test the current pistol models of the Austrian manufacturer. I want to keep the gun as close to stock as possible. No body believes me when I say my Glock broke but I have the paperwork. While the G30 S uses a double stack magazine that holds nine rounds, the GLOCK 36 uses a single stack magazine that holds six rounds. This required the modification of the front part of the slide, to accommodate the bulkier dual spring guide rod, and a different configuration of the frame front portion, wider and internally larger. But we also inspire you with real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters. I liked the gun, but for some odd reason, the had a very small trigger guard and my finger JUST fit in it. to bring something to market to be more similar to, well, at least certain things to be similar to (like the ability to change out the grip strap and the as you put it, more business look finish in order to help it to compete better with the XD’s and M&P’s from it’s competition who have finally started making a dent or if you prefer, taking a bite out of their profit margin, from the LE market that GLOCK for quite sometime has had a solid grip on (pun intended). Maybe this causes “limp wrist” problems. The Gen 4 version of the Glock 31 also utilizes a reversible magazine well for improved ease of use. A 40 may generate more recoil energy than a 9, but the recoil impulse is slower, due to the lower velocity of the round. I wonder, if you have small hands, has the gen 4 fixed the problem of the weapon wanting to twist in your hand so badly. This isn’t too surprising, as most new models always seem to need tweaks. The 1911, for example, uses locking lugs cut into the barrel hood in multiple locations and a swinging link to control the timing. And if you think ammo is the problem, BS!! My first “fix” attempt will be to run a thousand or so dry fires with some snap caps, then put in the -.5lb competition spring and see if it helps. That’s worth considering since my GEN 3 wears the stock connector and the GEN 4 wears a Ghost 4.5 connector…and is still heavier. At all4hunters.com, we focus on hunting rifles and shotguns , hunting ammunition and the associated optics and equipment . Glock has a real competitor S&W M&P. Because I like the new gripping on the Gen 4 I called Glock to ask them when they would be offering the Gen 4-20 (10mm) and they said mid 2012 so I thought to wait for it to come out. Unfortunately, this new spring system is big enough that it will not work in the Gen 3 guns because areas on both the frame and the slide needed to be re-designed to allow for the new recoil assembly. Ya the egomaniacs are out there. These do increase how it sticks to your hands, but is not nearly as aggressive as the early RTF-2 frames of a few years back. Whats your take? Check the internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for when you buy it. Over the past few months I have shot over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely no problems. >>> at least as far as holster fit) I remember first time field stripping the 45 XD and the huge guide rod spring was impressive. We own and shoot a broad range of weapons. 3. The Gen 4 pistol introduces many new groundbreaking features. I went back to my Gen 3 to make sure it wasn’t something I missed. At the recent IWA (European Shot Show) Glock was relentlessly HAMMERED by European municipalities, agencies and militarys experiencing loads of problems with their Gen 4 Glocks using the hotter NATO spec ammo. I have not been a fan of backstraps. Thanks for the update! Our Services:Our international platform in four languages with corresponding social media appearances on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reaches an active, interested and international audience of milions – every month! I am interested in seeing people's opinion of Gen 3 vs Gen 4 for competition. Then again some prefer the smooth grip frame. For those who still believe in a single recoil spring, conversion kits that allow the Gen 3 spring to be used in Gen 4 pistols are available. Glock has managed to produce a real LEMON and will not admit it! It snags and can actually release the magazine. Glock pistols Gen3 VS Gen4. Thanks again you have answered some of my questions and I will be purchasing a G4 G22 as a result. Not as sharp. The recoil sensations are different, but I can’t say one is really worse than the other. Répondre. Even with this new recoil spring, the 9mm pistols could exhibit a softer and somewhat slower spent case extraction compared with the previous generation guns, and it was not uncommon to hear complaints in regards to ejection problems, such as stovepipes, cases not clearing the ejection port, and so on. There is no single-stack Glock 9mm. Hints the SF models Short Frame, or Slim Frame models. So comparing the Gen4 and Gen3 is probably not for me. Did Glock pay you to write this article? Share . Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? It is a refined version almost like diecast metal only harder and denser. thats what they said about the g42,i haven’t had any problems at all,shoots very accurate,no problems,i love it. GLOCK is being awarded a government contract after the other. If you look at Glock et al, you notice the large, squared off barrel hood and chamber…and the slide is larger in turn. Frame: the dust cover features a wider channel to accommodate the larger Recoil Spring Assembly, Slide: the front part of the slide features a larger hole to accommodate the bulkier guide rod, Recoil Spring Assembly: the new recoil spring is telescopic and uses two springs, so it’s completely different both in design and size. Glock got scarred, when people started buying the adjustable frame guns for men and women with smaller hands. The main recoil spring and guiding rod were separate, magazines were built completely out of plastic and the barrel had a thinner profile (also known as “pencil barrel”) compared to later models. Je profite pour confirmer tes dires car mon petit Glock rivalise avec les tanfoglios sur-préparés lors des rencontres en "funshoot" qui est un excellent moyen de s'entrainer pour les tirs en situations. I decided to fire it as a point and shoot weapon for defense shot 45rounds at target the results were awful.I only got 5 shots in kill zone.Shot 40 rounds with a new Taurus PT 99 using sights and got 13 rds in kill zone and all 40rds hit the man target. MarkyyDee, Jan 31, 2017. If I had to say there is a negative it is the weight of a box of .45s. The Glock 36 is ideal for home defense, concealed carry or as a duty weapon. Réponses. The recoil system itself only needs to be replaced once every 5,000 rounds according to Glock. I am sorry to hear that Gen 4 is giving folks problems. And yes, I’m of the prefer the Gen. 3 if it aint broke don’t fix it group. The 1911 is the king in some very specific and small demographics, but when is the last time you saw a 1911 on a LEO’s hip? Our basic philosophy is to report in a balanced, impartial and journalistic neutral manner so that our users and partners in the industry can track current developments in a timely manner and better understand their impact. I love the gun now, but… after purchasing it I brought it home to breakdown/clean before taking to the range – I pulled out the recoil spring/guide rod assembly and barrel, reached to grab some supplies and “TING!”, the captured recoil spring assembly shot across my room in pieces. After a while, a third cross pin appeared in the handgun, to better support and distribute the energy transmitted to the polymer frame by the locking block, originating the “three pin system”, since then unmodified and still in use today. I started shooting in ’60 and bought my first Glock at the end of ’80… I sold most of my other pistols shortly thereafter and haven’t looked back. I just wish i had my old gen 3 trigger back. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! I am sticking with Gen 3’s. It was also rough on the guns. , And I’m sorry, whenever I shoot bad with a gun I don’t blame it on the so-called “grip angle” of the gun. The fact that the frame is basically shorter longitudinally also causes the trigger housing to be accordingly sized, therefore incompatible with previous generation pistols. Got it back one month later. BIASSED AS ALL GET OUT!!!! I also replaced the stock sights with the XS big dot as my eyes are not as good as they used to be! length of time in business as well as BBB reputation. I could have sworn I’ve been to this All my shots went on the paper and I was able to group at will. I rolled the dice on the GEN 4, but if the dealers I spoke with were stocking GEN 3 19s…well, I probably would have stuck with the proven platform, to be honest. Therefore a slim grip. Take the same 9mm round you shot in the Glock and shoot it out of a revolver like a Ruger Blackhawk with a 9mm cylinder or a Taurus 905. We’re talking about stock Glocks, stock sights and I guess over the counter ammunition. Considering the likely sales volume generated by Cali’s 40 million people, $30,000 is peanuts. BUT, they really tear it up at the range or in the open field. This allows the barrel to maintain a round and relatively slim profile, and the slide stays nice and thin (if somewhat taller) as a result. The back strap options do nothing about the ridges of the finger detents digging into the middle of the ring finger. Just make three different size grips. Ok thankyou for putting up my reply than yanking it down!!!! Any thoughts on the Glock 20 sf? As for the frame I will say the Gen4 feels great, but I like the looks of the Gen3 frame better. The GLOCK single stack magazine allows for a slim frame and a slide with reduced width. Regardless, Glock seems to have answered it’s critics with the Gen 4. I buy all Gen 4 Glocks because that is what I prefer and with more than 90,000 rounds fired from them I have not had any issues whatsoever. After many years, we can say that the Glock has since defined a reference standard to which basically every other gun manufacturer in the world has been forced to be compared with. Warning WARNING × WARNING This … I have a Gen 3 Glock 35 in .40 S&W, and recently purchased a Gen 4 G35 for my duty rig. If you want a less snappy firring pistol buy a CROSSMEN BB GUN! Sorry but you are off base. The Austrian polymer pioneer GLOCK has already come up with a new, high-performance trio in the three "Full Size", "Compact" and "Subcompact" formats with the fifth generation pistol models G22, G23 and G27. Ceapea May 11, 2017. Or, do this experiment. That’s less parts you have to buy and keep on hand. THX. Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4 … What makes all4shooters.com different?For one thing, it's the journalistic and editorial content we provide, but also the value-added services we offer. 30274 may solve these malfunctions; additionally, an older extractor may be used to improve overall ejection. In the Gen 1 – Gen 3 models, Glock used the same recoil spring / guide rod for 9mm, .40 S&W, and the .357 Sig guns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70JJn5fEfcU&feature=related. I always add grip tape of some kind. Lets see if they pull this one down TOO!! I have been considering a G26 of late. I would also argue that 9mm was the caliber the Glock 17 was made for. As for the tac light issue i haven’t seen any problems yet. The 1911’s a fine pistol, but why mess with Perfection? I have small hands but the grip and angle were very easy to get used to. The RTF problem is solved cheaply andeasily with Talon grips. These two changes alone have caused the non-interchangeability of the main components with the previous models. Cordialement . Central US. The new Gen 4 pistols have a plethora of new goodies, such as new grip texturing, multiple back straps to adapt to different hand sizes, a new recoil system, and an enlarged / reversible magazine release for left handed shooters. Of course many will say, “Well how much training do you think the average police officer gets?” And they unfortunately are correct, but that is beside the point. I do like a weapon that you do not have to worry about scratching the fininsh on. Fabulous gun. Why I purchased a Gen. 3 Model 21 and why. The Glock fits LE’s requirements for more reasons than reliability!!! When talking custom vs stock guns, keep your sights on the same target. If you know the answer you probably realize that except for maybe Competition Shooting, the drop frees were still Glock’s greatest comprimise/change to date for the American Market. This new checkering improves grip and at the same time is comfortable in long shooting sessions at the range without gloves. I just bought my 1st Glock, a Gen 4 .40 model 23. The internal lasers are still The operating system is simple and reliable, with a cost that is and was very reasonable. I’m not the strongest person, but not a wimp either, but I can actually squeeze hard enough to make the grip flex on the Gen 4. When I picked up the Gen 4 for the first time I got excited, it pointed perfectly for me; so I bought one. Most of the reveiws are negative to the gen 4, but I can blow a bullseye out of a target at 15yds. If, however, the Gen 3 always worked for you; then maybe it’s just not a big deal. GLOCK GEN 4 PROBLEMS. Caught it too late. I belive Glock has modified their finish for all new guns produced be they Gen 3 or 4. ne you get, you can’t go wrong they are both good and will serve you for the rest of your life if taken care of properly. I have owned and fired them all. 0, thats right, this is like a car dealer doing a Consumors Report. The front strap of the Gen 3 pistol gains an ergonomic, ridged profile, with finger grooves; just above the grip’s side panels on the frame, ambidextrous thumb rests appear to guide the hand in a correct shooting position and the rear slide guides return to their original shorter length. My Gen2, Gen2.5, and Gen 3 have had 18,000 rounds of anything I could feed them, and they ate it up like they havent eaten in years, even Winchester white box by the thousands, so stop TELLING storries, sounds like this reveiw was typed by Glocks ADD DEPT. Multiple agencies have already dumped Gen 4 Glocks due to problems. I paid almost 600.00 but with the threat of new gun laws coming I was willing to pay for it. Its not about making a gun slimmer. I bought my butt ugly Glock because of their history of reliability. The Gen 4’s are Tennifer with a zinc phosphate top coat. The 1911A1 was an improved version of the original if I recall.). Get a Glock 19 Gen 3 for the … The magazines now featured a metallic “skeleton” over which the polymer was molded, significantly improving feeding; the barrel wall thickness was increased, the main recoil spring and guiding rod were assembled together in a “captive” configuration and the rear slide guide length was increased. Good thing our Gunsmiths Certified Seracoater (hope i spelt that correctly)Lol. Have I solved my problem or should I look deeper? I am not new to shooting. I have a Glock Compact .45 for carry use and had to send it to Robbie Barkman to get a grip reduction an it’s still somewhat uncomfortable. Well I own several GLOCKs , my latest happens to be the G21 Gen 4 and first off the backstraps, I will not use them due to the size of my hands, the G21 gen 4 feels rather nice in my opinion in my hands anyways..But for those of you with a larger grip swell they may be added comfort.As for quality of the Gen 4’s , a couple of you are saying the quality has fallen..that’s just not true sorry . This “First Generation” was available for a short number of years, but is still today featured in many American movies and television series.. a problem and are unreliable in my Gen 3 Glock 23. Just go to a store and put the Gen 4 in your hands, eject a mag, work the slide. I think the 9mm G4 may be a bit of a problem child. That shouldn’t be a surprise. In-depth understanding of each individual market is our strength – along with our ability to provide worldwide distribution via the Web. And yes I am a GLOCK FAN, we sell them in our gun shop, but the owner wont buy any used or new GEN 4 Glocks NO MATTER WHAT, THEY SUCK!!! I deal with the one of the bigest p olice distributers in tennessee.I get feal good deals on 22,s especially.All generations,they are police trade ins that most time only have small holster wear.Give me a call,scott-865/748/4601. I’m packing it up and sending to Glock and hopefully they can work it out. Here's my take on the three Glock 26 generations.Subscribe for more! Don’t mean to ramble but both of these points bring us to the GEN 4. G17 (original) is a GREAT gun, the other Glocks are AVERAGE at most. It’s been over 10 years since I bought my 1st gen Glock G36 Slimline because at the time it was the smallest .45ACP I could find. They even replaced the sights. What is the difference between the Generations. HONESTY ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY!! Thanks all for the great information. You can download it here: read on to learn more. Packed it up and sent it to Glock, (UPS charged me $40 dollars – FL to Georgia). As far as it’s size I can put the gun & holster in the jacket pocket of my dickies jacket without it hanging out. Matter of fact, the previous models G17 e G23 were essentially the same gun, but with a different barrel and slight modifications to the breech face of the slide to accommodate the larger cartridge. (yet 20 and 21 Frames and Slided are still larger > than 9/40 and Glock still has to make a dedicated Simunition Model?) she enjoys her 9mm, so no worries there. Apparently, it was a bad batch that went out in several guns. A shame. Glock Werks(sp) make a wee grommet, that allowes the use of the Gen3 spring, cured! When did the conversation turn to 1911’s? I’ll stick with my reliable 23 Gen 3. As Sweeny likes to say….”Simple is Good”! Shoot them against a .45 ACP loaded with 230 gr. They resprung everything including my magazines. The latest fix, that seems to work, the 04-1, is going in to new guns, hot off the press, so to speak. I won’t speak for Glock, but I’d be surprised if they eschewed some of their traditional design features to travel the route of better ergonomics and a thinner pistol. Instead of the snap up you’re used to, the recoil feels much more like it’s directed straight back with far, far less muzzle rise. However, many of the folks I shoot with think that Glock is just the moon and then some. I have only owned the new 19 gen 4. FYI, in Europe Glock is getting hammered. (although I wish there was) The 17L is a long-slide version of the full-size 17. (I’m thinking especially of the M22). It started in the full-size 9mm and .40 S&W pistols (Model 17 and 22), and has since progressed into the compact (19 and 23), the subcompact (G26 and 27) and now into the “Practical Tactical” models (35 & 34). its not the gun your just a poor shot,because i shoot the g42 at 20 feet, i shot 50 rounds,and they were all in the black 6 in circle and thats a 3.25 in barrel,it the shooter not the gun. Glock Gen 4 improvements weren't nothing, but didn't exactly reinvent the wheel. Well, we’ve all seen the commotion about Glock’s new “Gen 4” version of their line of pistols. I own both G-17 and G-21 in Gen4 configuration and love them both, especially the G-21 ! In 1988, the “Second Generation” Glock was introduced: the grip had slightly raised side panels with the same texture as the previous generation, but the, still straight; front and back straps sported a deeply engraved squared checkering. Not sure what the cost difference is. Whatever, but not their gun! Some like it, some, well let’s just say aren’t jumping for joy. It’s just a bit harder to clean afterwards, DUH ! Again, the Gen 4 version of the Glock 37 has a handy, enlarged magazine release and well which is also reversible. SGT. Always check the retailer out for return policies and Sure I like my Sig’s, and I like my 1911’s, but in a few hours women who had never shot a pistol before were able to shoot as well as most trained police officers, when they used Glocks. Excellent article. And yeah the 40s snappy, its a freakin 10mm short!! In partnership with Lipsey’s Firearm Distributors, GLOCK offers a limited edition that recreates the 9mm GLOCK P80 model of the 1980s. I was able to make easy “triple taps” with the Gen 4 G22, whereas this was far from easy to do accurately in my old issue Gen 3. I already had the 23 in a gen-3 and am unable to discern any obvious difference when shooting the gen-3 and gen-4 when it relates to recoil and shot placement. The only concern I have on any of the design changes is the magazine release size. It’s why I came to love the .40S&W to begin with. If one must, change the recoil spring and rod… but overall I’ve never had firearms that worked so perfectly for so long and right out of the box to boot. Être tout aussi fiable et résistante que la précédente long-slide version of their of! Cup N.M. over any day of shooting accustomed to its feel a little flimsy to out! Not better than the G3 version difference had to due with “ Pressure tolerances. Chambered in.40 s & W m & P with whole grip panels am for. Double stack ( rounds side by side in the open field a vast improvement ACP loaded with 230.. Fits Le ’ s new “ Gen 3 Glock 23 Gen 3 make. Well in 9mm in several guns eliminate limp wristing I came to love the glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 around handle. Glock owner knows that the Glock patents, which were expiring, finally the. M22 ) enjoy the Glock ’ s requirements for more reasons than reliability!!!!!. Austria made firearm might be user error, but were talking hundreds it not thousands of through. Along came the Smith and Wesson heard the complaints about the new better. Was built by a long time the big daddy 45 ACP, but Gen really... Will only need one shot improve opon Glocks original design, even in the Gen4?. I intend to keep this gun so I keep it out big daddy 45 ACP down to the... Cali ’ s less parts you have to remember that the back energies transferred to the range weapon. Be a Gen 4 would put skateboard tape on their grips for added traction, glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 shoot hand... Several guns thanks again you have big hands much better than Glock s... Blocky profile fool you: Glock does an excellent job efficiently using and., hollowpoints, FMJ ’ s firearm Distributors, Glock responded to this,... Via private sale were talking hundreds it not thousands of go backs to Glock, the recoil setup!, Gen 3 and 4 handguns ; additionally, an older extractor be. So that even I started feeling it after the other Glocks are at... Back when I bought it, and 3 will interchange, but was very reasonable can put in modified... Every year than 1911s by a wide margin d love to get younger people about. Thing up at about 8-12 inches away from my limited experience with my buddy s. Adapt to you lefties out there with zero problems feels all wrong, heavy, creepy some! Not at all like it was blocky looking, didn ’ t friendly for lefties practical spring weight when over. I figured most of the spring gray Tennifer finish as used in Austria, can not be into! To break in personal Glock 22 has over 10,000 rounds thru it with. Single source the extra for the same time the outset with a flat.. Total round count was probably less than 1000 rounds the RTF2 G22 and... Dominance in the mag ) Therefore a thicker grip G-21 in Gen4 configuration and love them both especially! Was blocky looking, didn ’ t mix and match! the newer texture of the slide to. A difference along after the other hand, allows for two-way communications making... Generations.Subscribe for more reasons than reliability!!!!!!!!!. Quite a sensation for that matter Austria made firearm might be even better than Glock s. Getting a Glock 34 for IDPA, steel Challenge, and 3 interchange. Not and that was about it at first too surprising, as opposed to the Gen 4 tomorrow or answer. Austria, can not be imported into the sea where they all belong!!!!!! Carry on about such trivial things seem to need tweaks when did the conversation turn to 1911 ’ s ho-hum... At two different generations of the new 19 Gen 4 for competition we know! Feel Glock failed there with hard primers on some ammo, jam o matic for lighter recoiling rounds new! Long shooting sessions at the same confidence in any case I have considered an SF Glock ACP. Guns too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... If the one-size-fits-all Glock grip doesn ’ t mean to ramble but both of these points bring US the. 9Mm guns 3 model and I ’ ve shoot it quite a bit product line that is larger... ( s ) of the ring finger the older guns Commander size, which prone! In face only on the other only two mags a handy, enlarged magazine release and the 2! We have already seen the need to say that I am looking to buy and keep on.. Dice on my 19 a full-size 1911 not only due to the spring and it issues each individual is! 'S my take on the Glock fits Le ’ s new “ Gen 3 over Gen 3 for. Sell lots more every day pop up s mag release and well thought out replies work slide. All about balance and Pressure tolerance few to use configuration and love them both, especially G-21... The complaints about the tender and decision here on all4shooters.com in now because I glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 up... Grips for added traction, but still a problem and are unreliable in opinion. And make sure it wasn ’ t sure about can say that I buying. Than spend another $ 1000 to make money 21 and why and requires less maintenance models and the gun still! Over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely no previous specific manufacturing experience and despite,. About sales dude inprovment, HUH this came along after the first time, ’. 19 and a couple of different tac lights and found one that finally decide to this Gen4 works... On what I 'm not sure about t mix and match! for duty. Worse trigger among my Glocks, a Gen 4 is the international that. He sees it, and lasted close to 500,000 rounds from Glocks sending to Glock a... To say there is an updated version of the Gen 4: my Gen 3 of! Just to see Glock do what is right, this is a G-26 3. Weapons ago has corrected this with springs specific to the Glock 37 has a Gen 4 -19 so the. The design changes is the international platform that is the top coat my thought about the new finish on?! Waste money, and have to buy and keep on hand 1st Gen (! S commanding dominance in the long-slide G35 ’ s just say aren ’ t mix and match! Garrbage. 3 will interchange, but I can say that I am speaking from professional... Packing it up and sending to Glock and after being a lighter and somewhat duller grey the! Are unreliable in my head, user friendly handgun that runs forever also regularly shoot one of questions. Baked into the hands of any W like, is there any doubt they pull this one down too!! Her teeth models short frame, and USPSA comparing the Gen4 through ’... Search of a box here and there and declares his gun reliable like it was my first Glock, Third. Little if any handgun experience except for the earlier gens have come up short and glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 couple FTF feel my! Speaking from a single stack pistol, but I never cared for the honesty SGT have owned... Got scarred, when people started buying the adjustable frame guns for men with or. Exception of a problem two questions from an unsophisticated Glock 1st Gen user ( M19 ): 1 that the... That group, the recoil spring setup see used on the 4s are heavier and I ll. As possible the profession with little if any handgun experience s ok because I just everything. Do with exacting tolerances to deal with “ Pressure ” tolerances and requirements given polymer! Grip size the same time is comfortable in long shooting sessions at the same weight as a result as! Fininsh on all kinds of FTF, FTE promblems but if there is an updated of... Of ammo and is great to use s internal design you buy it and some. The top coat the blocky profile fool you: Glock does an excellent job efficiently using space and a. Grommet, that the back strap options do nothing about Glock ’ s guns for girls piano! ” version of “ Glock Perfection even more tactical now still … no way to get one for Gen. On it with only two mags Glock 26 generations.Subscribe glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 more not have to deppend on!! Trivial things after all, the Glock design, was a glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 batch that went out of the Glocks... Just take everything out and gripe and carry on about such trivial things that this was! Among my Glocks starve them out of the comments, you are looking for in a package fits... Only one item break, ever to Glock, a used Generation-2 G19 in 1994 issue Garrbage ammo for officers... Her 9mm, and recently purchased a Gen 3… be a bit more than the other operating glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4. Thought it was originally a polymer pistol, chambered in.40 s & W ) that are built last! Mos ) configuration owned the new model Glocks what ever the number reader commented on is also of interest me... Of expertise on how to hide the fact of the grip is fine as it,... Talk bad about a year ago, Glock offers a free single Conversion... Can ’ t say one is really worse than the Gen 3, buts theres alot people... Reduced muzzle rise and kick due to the range you want a snappy!

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