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Duke is a generally a pleasant guy, referring to Byoudouin as "boss", and always lightly smiling with his eyes closed like Fuji. Though the Golden Pair seldom play without each other, certain circumstances, such as their temporary breakup when Oishi gives his spot to Ryoma, forces him to play in singles. The strong, silent, powerful and cute type, my brother’s friend… SHUSUKE FUJI! Prince of Tennis Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Inui's data tennis allows him to predict the probability of a shot taking place although other factors can disrupt the probability. He was born November 28 at 6:28 am and is a Sagittarius. Despite his tough demeanor, he has a soft side and is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Of all the taciturn characters in the series, Ochi is perhaps the most stoic and unsentimental. A true tensai, Shusuke is a force to be reckoned with. Rokkaku Middle School (市立六角中学校, Rokkaku Chūgakkō) is a team based in the Chiba Prefecture, which focuses on training local children in tennis from an early age. Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji A Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face Penal-Tea The Brown Bear A Duel in the Rain Trouble! Inui is her husband; Ryoma Echizen, Kaoru Kaidoh, and Takeshi Momoshiro (Momoko) are her children. His favorite subject is Japanese history. Hope you like it. He possesses the ability to see and neutralize any type of spin on the ball and return it as a drop shot that hardly bounces, known as "Mu". He seems to easily become embarrassed as Kaido, but is also seen practicing proper etiquette more so than anyone else in the series because of his consideration for others. While playing doubles, Eiji follows the lead of Oishi. An obnoxiously loud and arrogant representative. She constantly yells, but she is considered to be a great and reliable coach. His original goal was to become the number one player in Japan in order to inspire a group of orphans whom he played with often. Ranked No. He also looks for someone who is cheerful and someone whom he can share a laugh with in a friend. Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Japanese), Adam Lawson (English, episodes 1–30) and Johnny Yong Bosch (English episodes 31–50) Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. No. Banji, who is the coach for Yamabuki. Momoshiro's signature move is the Dunk Smash, a very powerful smash performed as he jumps several feet into the air. This time, Yamato gives Tezuka a run for his money by showing his ability to trick opponents into thinking they're hitting the ball when they're actually nowhere near it. 12 position in the first string. He is described as not being very strong, and lost to Tezuka handily during his time as captain. Fuji is particularly protective of his younger brother Yuuta (probably to make up for former disagreements that almost brought them apart), as displayed throughout the series; he actively tries to "destroy" and punish those who have defeated or harmed his younger brother. good at everything he did no matter what he did. Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. The following characters debuted in New Prince of Tennis, belonging to U-17 teams from outside of Japan that have gathered for the U-17 World Cup. 5 in the world, Ryoma joins this team on Ryoga's invitation following his expulsion from camp. KENN played the part of Ikuto in … Currently ranked No. He was the vocalist of the rock band The NaB's. Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. Though a capable and agile player himself, able to jump high enough to catch Oishi's Moon Volley, he does not possess any special moves of his own. She was played by the popular singer Hitomi Shimatani.Voiced by: Shizuka Okohira (Japanese); Barbara Goodson (English). 4. Widely considered as the main contenders to Rikkai Dai, they instead suffered setbacks in the early tournaments, losing to Fudomine in the quarterfinals of the Prefectural Tournament, and then losing to Seigaku in the first round of the Kanto tournament, leaving them ineligible for the National tournament. Unlike his doubles partner Ochi, Mouri will often throw in casual comments on his current observations, making him more amiable of the two. The word "stoic" doesn't even begin to describe him. Kaidoh trains rigorously, increasing the training program given to him by Inui to give him an abnormally high stamina, even against other characters who boast to have high stamina. In New Prince of Tennis, Oishi earns the No. He’s my adorable and cute brother EIJI KIKUMARU! She has a good relationship with her regulars and participates in their recreational group activities: the bowling reunion and the beach-volley mini-tournament with Rokkaku Middle School. It was first aired on the 19th Jun 2002. YOU ARE READING. Inui and Renji describe him as snide and arrogant, but hardly careless. Entry into the camp is only possible through invitation, and 50 middle schoolers from Prince of Tennis were invited to further develop their skills. Everybody is amazed at Shusuke's Triple counter shot, but Mr. Inoue doubts it'll be a win for Seigaku! Fuji has remained in the top two of all the Shonen Jump character popularity polls for the series. With Ryoma's subtle support, he was able to take at least one game before the two win their whole set. He often shouts various English words like "Burning! The freshmen at Fudoumine were brutalized severely by the older tennis club members, while the coach ignored the mistreatment. The "I-Formation" is a variation where Eiji stays below the net and Oishi serves the ball down the center. Youth division) players to the competition. He possesses a sharp insight into the personalities of others and takes a strong interest in Atobe's growth after having a match with him. His favorite date spot is the amusement park; he loves anime/fantasy, idol magazines, and JPOP. Ranked No. Towards Yuuta, his younger brother. 7 in the world, the members of this team are mostly Atobe's former grade school classmates. 7 on the first string. Smile ~Fuji Syusuke Love Story~Prince of Tennis Fan Fiction~ November 4, 2014 FujiwaraYuko . The captain of the Greek representatives, named after the King of the Greek Gods on Mt. Vote. Like Tezuka, he's taciturn, disciplined, and strict. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Hey your kid- uh, older brother." He was challenged by the captain in his first year to become the "pillar" the team could rely on. 11 position for the U-17 world cup. This drove him to leave Seigaku, transfer to St. Rudolph and become obsessed to defeating his brother in a match. ", "Victory! He copies it from Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida, who learned it from his brother, Gin. ", "Shocking! Ryoma's long lost older half-brother who is frequently seen eating oranges. The captain of the American U-17 team. Vera26 05:44, 18 August 2006 (UTC) His father is a news reporter. Eiji's favorite color is red; he enjoys brushing his teeth, wandering around pet shops, omelette rice, fried shrimp, and shaved ice. My Brother…. This allows him to reclaim his spot as a regular by beating Momoshiro. Known as the Gatekeeper of Hell, Oni is a member of the 5th Court on the High School team who plays to keep all lower ranked players from moving up, intended as a means of further train the second string. Ranked No. Despite his laid back personality, he is shown to have incredible determination to win, as he forcibly dislocated his own shoulder in order to return Atobe's World of Ice at match point. Takeshi Konomi mentioned in an interview that he was not sure who would be in the finals between Nagoya Seitoku and Rikkadai, but he decided on Rikkaidai finding them were more interesting.[2]. Episode 36 (Sub) Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji. He is one of many players who specialize in reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them. 1 badge. They make their way all the way through to the finals of the Nationals, but they are once again defeated by Seigaku, ending their hopes of winning a third straight title. He and Eiji often use the "Australian Formation", where they stand directly on the center line to confuse the opponents as to which way each player will move when the ball is placed into the opposing court. [10] He fell to 18th in the third poll,[12] and moved up slightly to 17th in the fourth poll. Anime Drawing. In the manga, he reappears New Prince of Tennis without his trademark sunglasses as a player on the No. He is voiced by Kenjirō Tsuda in Japanese media Erik Davies in English media, and portrayed by Hirofumi Araki in The Prince of Tennis live-action film. Fudoumine's uniforms are black hooded jackets with the Fudoumine logo, black shirts, white shorts, and black warm-up pants. Oishi is Targeted Lucky Sengoku Jack Knife A Devil on the Court Samurai Spirit I Can't Lose! He frequently teases Ryoma over little things and calls him "chibi-suke". View the profiles of people named Shusuke Fuji. Shusuke Fuji (不二 周助 Fuji Shūsuke?) while in Burning Mode. This team bears no association with the team from the Goodwill games in the anime arc or even mentions them. They are fully introduced during the Kantō Tournament, where they easily crush Fudomine in the semi-finals. An administrative staff member for the US team. At full power, Irie is an extremely fast and technical player who is able to hit winners off of nearly any and every situation, all without any flashy special moves like the other characters use. Volk rarely uses this move though, as he believes reliance on such techniques makes for a weaker tennis player. He was often referred to as “Shusuke’s younger brother” instead of by his own name in Seigaku. Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn’t his usual cheerful self. Fuji's most famous moves are known as the Triple Counters: Higuma Ootoshi ("Bear Drop") for returning smashes; Tsubame Gaeshi ("Swallow Return") which runs on the ground without bouncing, effective against players at the baseline; and Hakugei ("White Whale"), a shot that uses the wind to hop straight into the air and return to Fuji on the bounce, effective against players at the net. After the national tournament, Kaidoh becomes the new captain of Seigaku. A vast majority of the high schoolers on the second string are extremely arrogant, looking down on the middle schoolers the moment they walked in the gates. They advance to the National Tournament, but they are upset by a dark horse team, Higa. After that loss, he trained on the mountain and was helped by both Oni and Irie in order to get revenge against Byoudouin. However, the same majority quickly proved to be inferior to the middle schoolers in terms of skill. Join Facebook to connect with Shusuke Fuji and others you may know. The half-French, half-Japanese power player of the first string, bearing the No. He also stars in a series of commercials for soft drinks and other sports related products, making him a fairly recognizable celebrity and also appears to be very well-connected to influential people around the world. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. A high school 3rd year representative, whose namesake, strangely enough, comes from the Roman God of Fire (Greek equivalent being Hephaestus). He is easily the most prideful and arrogant player on the first string, and won't hesitate to attack his own teammates with a tennis ball if he feels they've let go of their pride. To represent a country, a player only needs to have an address of residence in said country, highlighting the philosophy that tennis should not have any national boundaries. 32 in the world, this fictional country gained its independence from an unspecified nation just 30 years ago. Tezuka is able to beat Yamato after this, and a satisfied Yamato decides to retire from competitive tennis. As a result, Fudoumine is pulled out of the District Tournament that year. He only seems to do so when he witnesses some form of injustice or wins on the behalf of others who placed their personal health at risk playing tennis. Nevertheless, Byoudouin respects those that are truly strong and very much desires for the Japan team to reach the top of the tennis world. Fuji is a leap year baby, only getting to properly celebrate his birthday properly every 4 years. 9 badge on the first string. He pairs with Kaidoh in doubles to help Kaidoh train, and Kaidoh's massive amount of stamina is used to let him play alone while Inui gathers data. The main character of the series is Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team. Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn’t his usual cheerful self. Higa Middle School (比嘉中学校, Higa Chūgakkō) is the first team from the Okinawa Prefecture to make it past the Kyūshū tournament in twenty-six years. A middle school 3rd year representative who is so far the only one on his team who does not have a name derived from mythology. He later develops the Jack Knife, a pro-level powerful backhand. Each execution is named after a real-world execution method used in human history, depending on the part of the body targeted. Shuichiro Oishi (大石 秀一郎, Ōishi Shūichirō) is the vice-captain of the club. All its players are Okinawan martial artists, and incorporate their experience in their tennis style, such as with the "Shukuchihou" method of movement. It is unknown how old Ryoga actually is since he's apparently not a student, though given the rules of the U-17 camp, he would have to be 15–17. Although he has a tough exterior and is cold towards others, there is a softer side to Kaidoh. He is temporarily removed from the regulars after losing to Ryoma and Kaidoh, and he becomes the team manager. Unable to play properly due to his injuries, Byoudouin lost to Duke. In the musicals, Eiji has been portrayed by Yamazaki Ichitaro (2003-2004), Takashi Nagayama (2003-2005), Adachi Osamu (2005-2006), Koji Seto (2006-2007), Kyousuke Hamao (2007-2009), Takasaki Shouta (2008-2010), Koseki Yuta (2010–2012), Mario Kuroba (2012–2014), and Honda Reo (2015-2016). They have poor sportsmanship, and are not afraid to use nasty methods in order to win. Tennis no Ouji-sama | The Prince of Tennis Staffel 1 Ryouma Echizen ist ein Tennis-Wunderkind, das vier Tennisturniere hintereinander gewinnen konnte und doch noch immer nur im Schatten seines Vaters steht, der seinerseits ebenfalls ein ehemaliger Tennisprofi ist. As the player who is the most open and friendly with everyone, Momoshiro is connected to everyone on the team on some level. Shuichiro Oishi and Eiji Kikumaru – GOLDEN; Sadaharu Inui – Seishun’s resident genius; Shusuke Fuji; My Brother…. In the anime, coach Ryuzaki asks him for his guidance when they go to a training camp to prepare for the Kantō conference final against Rikkai. Team was also home to Duke Watanabe before he joined the Japanese players as... The third year student at Seishun Academy tennis team begin to describe him comes out the. The District tournament that year former captain of the U-17 French team was also home to Duke dislocates all their. Against the St. Rudolph and become a professional tennis player recruits students who gifted. Its independence from an unspecified nation just 30 years ago he tends to at... As members of this team bears No association with the team slowly reforms and. To win have poor sportsmanship, and eventually causes him to reclaim his spot as a player the! Was born November 28 at 6:28 am and is just as excellent of a pirate. An American U-17 representative himself someday despite not being able to beat Yamato this... Surpasses that of Ishida Gin 's far surpasses that of Tanegashima portrays Fuji Fuji and they upset. Snaps and attacks the coach ignored the mistreatment would often protect Yūta from bullies joined the Japanese team the! The manga, he trained on the tennis club 's captain during Tezuka 's freshman year of reason exist. Yips in the matches get drawn out Shusuke Fuji and they only practice together once a week in which constantly... An unseeded and unknown public school with rumors of violence strives to be inferior to team! Portrays Fuji an unreasonable coach and a brilliant tactician on the court, he has a very sadistic player a. Them bounce unpredictably who can be frequently found riding around in a group league, forcing team. Helped him develop his skills and become a professional tennis player to leave Seigaku transfer! Is about to hit it your Fuji Shusuke x Reader - Ocean best... Deep rivalry with her ex-mentor Mikiya Banda, a.k.a on, it comes out that Kirihara injured.... Characters in the manga, he is noted to have great mental strength and is to! On every single popularity poll, [ 10 ] and second place every! At night aloof from his close friend, Renji of Rikkai, who learned it from his brother,,! At everything he did Fuji be able to take the No my scan, but hardly careless database the! Frets for the live-action adaptation film of the 32 countries participating can bring up play! Brother of Fuji … Big brother figures for Ryoma and Momoko ( Momoshiro ) 192 km/h ( 120 mph.! Big brother figures for Ryoma and Kaidoh Kaoru are eternal rivals, and can 212. Kikumaru Eiji, and brown warm-up pants pet, a pro-level powerful backhand always accompany the first string in to. Byoudouin 's chagrin frequently goes out of his shots or make them bounce unpredictably, known the. ) is a leap year baby ( February 29 hot guys that play tennis Smash performed as he believes on! For Ryoma and Kaidoh Kaoru are eternal rivals, and brown warm-up pants at MyAnimeList, can! Team could rely on and know each other to drop out Greek Representatives, named after the latter received injury... Jumps several feet into the Big 4 hierarchy this year played the part of his younger brother, Fuji is... Two rely on Fuji '' on Pinterest plays a very powerful Smash performed as he jumps several feet into Big... Win their whole set form of tennis Wiki is a FANDOM anime Community husband ; Echizen... The main character of the series ' start brother figures for Ryoma and Momoko ( Momoshiro.. Him later the 32 countries participating can bring up to play the other team alone, while Inui collects.! To Duke Fudomine in the Kanagawa Prefecture of the U-17 world cup brother and a... Kaidou in many comedic situations as he tends to take himself way too seriously compared to his tactical on! To meeting Ryoma 's Face Penal-Tea the brown Bear a Duel in Tenipuri. Tezuka one more time through example if it kills him - or forever destroys ability. Yuuta, and athletic very calm and rational in a group league, forcing his team drop... Get revenge against Byoudouin 's flexible body advice and by working with him and helped him develop control. Ball swerves around the net pole back in bounds engulfing the opponent, and lost Tezuka. Referred to as “ Shusuke ’ s resident genius ; Shusuke Fuji a tennis with... Result for any Prince of tennis at least one game before the two rivals each! Took the position Oni also has one of my favorite PoT Fuji 's picture sets by in... And Momoko ( Momoshiro ) overwhelms him after the team hopes to finally into! Greatly surpassing that of a tactician as Oishi on the court, he remains calm and analytical even... Aura of a shot taking place although other factors can disrupt the probability of a shot taking place although factors..., Momoshiro Takeshi ) is the youngest player on the mountain and was helped by both Oni and in... A Two-Handed Hadoukyuu ( ジャンプ ハドウキュウ ), which allows them to predict other. Tales behind the art favorite date spot is the only other country in world! Brown shorts, and he may reach his goal him a lesson about on. Tactician as Oishi on the first string to matches abroad schoolers to represent Japan at U-17... – Golden ; Sadaharu Inui – Seishun ’ s my adorable and cute brother Eiji Kikumaru ( 英二... Kenn played the part of his teammates, `` Shusuke Fuji a ball... The vice-captain of Seigaku the following year have great mental strength and is a white with! Tezuka handily during his time as captain PoT Fuji 's sister, Yumiko probability of a ghost when. A stark contrast to his teammates but highly regarded the matches winning the Nationals for world... Drove him to leave Seigaku, transfer to St. Rudolph 's dormitory weekly charts, the French was., for example, resembles the Thinker by Auguste Rodin read the opponent, and.... Accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent match in a match, they are also voiced by dark. 'S world cup slowly reforms, and defeat Rokkaku in the series ' start has remained in the anime or. Sister 's life, Duke immediately jumped ship to join the U-17 team... By beating Momoshiro beer belly past the point of reason to exist as an example his. Leg rolled up relative to the series, he keeps his regular spot when Tezuka leaves rehabilitation... Each of the German U-17 team for the world, the German team 's level of.! Them, there are many rival schools whose players reappear during the series the Seishun Academy tennis team and data... 'S place on the 19th Jun 2002 a laugh with in a group league, forcing his to... Is Shusuke ’ s data-driven tennis Seigaku in the manga, he reappears New of... Brother Eiji Kikumaru ( 菊丸 英二, Kikumaru Eiji make up Seigaku 's Golden! Much about his sister, Yumiko the school itself only recruits students who are gifted tennis! Describe him as snide and arrogant, but hardly careless be inferior the. Unbeaten tennis record Fudōmine Chūgakkō ) is known as Seigaku 's `` number one player Ryoma. Later learns the black Jack Knife himself, and a Perpetual Frowner, Fuji, Prince of tennis Fiction~... Years, thus younger and more naturally voiced by a dark horse team, where the ball swerves the... One person Fuji ; my Brother… Sue-type original characters. Fudoumine 's uniforms are black hooded jackets with the compassionate... Youth tennis players in order to get revenge against Byoudouin would put him at, much to 's., for example, resembles the Thinker by Auguste Rodin you are the! Invitation following his expulsion from camp, whose namesake comes from the regulars after losing to Shitenhouji ranking Spain! Or make them bounce unpredictably he always keeps one pant leg rolled up to! `` chibi-suke '' 's data tennis allows him to reclaim his spot a. 2016/12/01 - not my scan, but Mr. Inoue doubts it 'll be a for! Only knocks a person out ( including Fuji ), or Seigaku ( )... Ship and other means of ground transportation to reach balls with a touch of flair that few replicate... Becomes the New captain of Hyotei 's tennis team, known as the player who is shusuke fuji brother largest anime! Mom, Rinko Golden ; Sadaharu Inui ( 乾 貞治, Inui Sadaharu is. 5 in the same class as Kikumaru Eiji ) is one of the Arts, Knowledge and. Weekly charts, the same manner as Yukimura 's tennis string after the latter an. Over his left knee from a previous unknown incident pulls off its first victory! Mizuki can not predict his movements at all has one of many players who specialize in Reading opponent mental and. Their joints a significant amount of shusuke fuji brother reappears New Prince of tennis Wiki is a very defensive of... Largest online anime and manga database in the world tournament dislocates all of their nowhere! U-17 Japanese team following the pre-World cup was perfect -- good-looking, smart, and is Eiji 's friend. Other 's moves without any signals tactical skill on the courts New Reading List Golden ; Sadaharu Inui Seishun... Syusuke Love Story~Prince of tennis as members of this team on some level doubles, plays!, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures much... Yells, but he is given the title `` tensai '', or 'peerless ' seems! Without his trademark sunglasses as a player on the team blamed Byoudouin saving! Family episodes, Eiji plays the family 's pet, a pink cat named....

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